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Capture these last weeks before baby arrives and marvel at what your body is doing.  Celebrate the beauty that is a mummy-in-the-making and this tiny being that is growing  within you.  Best done at 34-36 weeks we can offer a casual and relaxed style session, or we can design a styled and creative session – or maybe a mix.  Bring along your family and partner for they are a part of the journey as well.  We can arrange hair and makeup along with styling so that you are assured of a very special experience.


There is nothing like holding your newborn that very first time.  The first time she snuggles into her daddy’s chest, that beautiful baby-smell and the feel of her in your arms after so long wondering who she’ll be.  She’s teeny, tiny and curly sleepy.  We specialise in the careful art of newborn portraiture with a pure and organic approach that captures your baby and those moments you will treasure.  While we do have some beautiful accessories we tend to avoid those larger props that might take the focus away from her or worse – be dated in a few years time.   We also incorporate older siblings as well and will help you plan for the day ahead of time so that it is a smooth and enjoyable experience.  We can arrange hair and makeup for mum as well – after all – if you have just given birth and perhaps still adjusting to the new sleep patterns – you deserve some pampering and to know you will look stunning in your portraits.

Newborn sessions are best done at 7-14 days to capture the sleepy newborn stage, however all babies are beautiful so if you have missed this small window, don’t worry – we can still capture the beauty that is your baby right now.  The curly poses may not be possible however this is a great chance to capture big open eyes and maybe even some brand new smiles.

Sitting Up

Many of our families love to capture this milestone – as baby develops into a little person and is able to sit up, grin, dribble and squeal with delight at life itself. Come in! This is such a fun time to photograph!

1st Birthday

One whole year! What a journey, what a milestone.  So much has happened, your baby is really moving and grooving now and its hard to believe that just 12 months ago they were a tiny newborn.  Sitting, standing and maybe even walking by now – this is such a wonderful time to celebrate.


Busy. Thats how most parents describe their toddler when we ask.  Fast, cheeky and fun. Toddlers are unpredictable tornados of noise and attitude, of playfulness and curiosity – and we love them!  A toddler session might be a bit shorter due to their own window of attention, however even the busiest of kiddos love coming in for some play time in the studio.  A dedicated ‘Toddler Whisperer’ Kim is able to connect quickly and easily with a little one and get fun, natural photos that you will love.


All ages. They are growing so very fast, changing daily – all ages should be captured, celebrated.  Toothless grins? Perfect!!! Starting school? High School? We’d love to help tell the story of your family’s milestones.

While we generally incorporate family in all our sessions, setting time aside as a family to come in and be truly present with each other, to really appreciate each other amongst the day to day craziness and busy-ness that is life – this is so very important.  Take the morning off as a family, have your family portrait session and then perhaps book a fun lunch date – make a day of it.  How often do we do this? How often are we so busy with ‘life’ that we simply don’t have time to celebrate our loved ones?  Why not plan ahead, book out a special family day and come in and hang out. We’ll help you design the most beautiful artworks that you’ll be able to enjoy every day and you will be so pleased that you did this. Be sure to book Mum in for some pampering beforehand with our professional hair and makeup artists.


Fur babies are just as precious as the rest of the family. Give us a call to discuss how you would love to immortalise your fur baby – dogs and horses are our specialty and we can arrange a location session or studio session (perhaps not the latter for the equine family member…)  and we’d love to hear from you.

Design Consultations and Choosing Your Portraits

After your portriat session we will  present your portaits to you in your design consultation.  This is the most exciting part of the experience as this is where you will see and choose your gorgeous portraits. We will help you design your personalised artworks for your home and will guide you through the process.  One of the most common questions we hear at this time is ” Wow! So many we love – how will we choose?”  However we are experts in simplifying the process and will help to make it easy for you.  You will be able to see all of our samples in the studio so choosing will be easy.

We ask that anyone involved in the decision making process is present and if for any reason one of you cannot attend, we ask that you reschedule.  Your order is placed at this time and we offer credit card and eftpos facilities as well as payment options if desired.   If you require a second design consultation, a separate fee of $100 applies for the extra appointment.

To enable us to give you an accurate quote for what you are looking for, the best thing is to give us a call on 0800 300 850 to discuss your portraits and desired artworks.    We offer the best quality products we can and we take great pride in creating heirlooms for your family.

We have a range of options which are very popular – from a la carte to our brand new collections that let you mix and match your favourite products – you can be assured of leaving with something very precious that will look amazing in your home.

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