What to wear

The biggest question that people often ask before a portrait session is – what do we wear?

Some things to think about is how you can co-ordinate outfits through colour and style – which is different to matching outfits – you still want to show YOUR identity in the photos.

Our studio is a very natural and white space and we have found that soft colours and neutrals photograph the best.  If everyone is in the same tonal range then you will all look connected.

A simple trick is to take one outfit – say Mum’s – and then pull different colours out of that outfit and match them to the others.  A good idea is to lay all the clothes together on a bed and see how they look together – you’ll quickly see that that bright red tartan shirt is going to clash horribly with that pastel purple polka dot skirt you were going to wear!    Try to stick to a similar colour palette and tonal range – this will not only look great in the end result – but it also ties your family together nicely too!

Handy hint – for multiple families – try agreeing on one common colour theme – say royal blue for example – and get everyone to ensure that each family has something that matches in with that colour (not matching outfits though).

You can also tie outfits together with accessories – a bright yellow scarf, pink headband, blue jewellery, orange heels etc to match in with each other. (Don’t worry guys – that bits just for the girls!) This is not only a great way to have a pop of colour – but also a great way to show your personality as well.

Layers are also great  – especially if it means we have more to work with out-fit wise and we can mix it up a bit in photos! Throw in some texture – great for kids photos – such as crochet, cable-knit, ribbons and ruffles.

Avoid logos – you don’t your family portrait to be a branded advertisement for Nike.  Same for big printed patterns on tee-shirts – try to go for plainer options if you can.

Stick to the same style of clothing – casual or formal, jeans or pants, shoes or jandals  – it can be a bit of crazy photo if you are all dressed as though some are off to work, others to a BBQ, and others to a ball.

Take the time to choose your outfits carefully and it will make a dramatic difference to the end results

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