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Kim Hamblin PhotographerWhen my son was born I discovered what love really meant.  When I held him that very first time and looked into his massive, brown and knowing eyes, my heart expanded so much that it scared me it would burst with love.  I couldn’t get enough of his smell, of the feel of his little body in my arms, of just staring at him and watching every tiny movement.

It is this love that I bring to every session I photograph.  Meeting families, fur-babies, brand new parents, capturing that emotion, that connection and love  – this is my absolute passion.

My hope is that these portraits become your heirlooms, that every photograph of each little detail, moment, and emotion becomes a precious memory not only for you as a parent, but for your family as they grow and their stories begin to unfold.


I truly love watching the magic that families create amongst themselves when they come in for their portrait session. Simply by showing their love for one another and by being themselves each family, no matter the makeup, is special and important to us and we make it our goal for you to feel exactly this.

I am a mother to two beautiful daughters aged 5 and 2 who keep me busy and incredibly entertained. I also have a husband and two beautiful hairy dog daughters who complete our family.

You will likely speak to me on the phone or see my smiling face when you come in – feel free to pass the baby to me or take your puppy off your hands when you arrive!




From greeting clients when they arrive to managing the entire production process behind the scenes  – Kate is our coffee-making, child-whisperer, production queen who keeps the studio running seamlessly in the background.

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