The Experience

Before Your Session

Prior to coming in for your session we will start planning your portraits over the phone. This is where we discover what is truly important to you and we begin to design how your finished portraits might look.  Things to think about are – do you love interactive portraits which are more candid in nature, or do you like a classic style where you see everyones faces?

This is also where we answer any questions you may have and you are guided through what to bring, what to wear and styling ideas.   You may want to think about where and how you’d love to display your finished portraits so we get an idea of how to photograph you. For example – do you love the idea of a classic  feature WOW! piece above the couch or does the thought of a series that tell a story appeal to you more?

Handy hint – think about the colours of the room you want to display your portraits in – then choose colours to incorporate into your session so that the finished portraits blend seamlessly into your decor.  For example – if you have red cushions or accents in your chosen room, consider bringing a pop of red into your clothing to tie in with your room.

Your Portrait Session

Your session will be at our beautiful natural-light studio and will take 30-60 minutes (add an extra hour if you are also having hair and makeup). During this time you will styled, guided and photographed while Kim captures the details that you love about your family.

Newborn sessions tend to take a little longer so that there is plenty of time for feeds, cuddles, changes, more cuddles as bubs needs.

Your Design Appointment

Your design appointment is THE best bit of the whole experience.  This is where you get to see the moments we captured and your portraits are projected larger than life in your own private movie screening. (Handy hint – tissues are often required as this can be beautifully emotional.)

During your Design Appointment you will be able to select as few or as many portraits as you desire (be prepared to love most of them!) and then you choose how you’d like them presented.

Handy hint – if you are planning on designing something specific for a room in your home – be sure to send a photo of the wall / space  you have in mind.  We can then design your artwork directly onto the wall so there is no guesswork about the end result.

We suggest that all decision-makers are present at this appointment as we have found that parents are often overwhelmed with how much they love their portraits and then find choosing can be a lot more difficult without the other parent present.

Your finished artwork will then take between two and four weeks before it is ready for collection.

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